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About Us

Welcome to Kodomo Games! The leading website for educational children's games and learning activities.
At Kodomo Games we offer quality educational games and activities for babies and toddlers. Our goal is to provide a free educational site through which children can learn the fundamentals of English and math while gaining experience using computer hardware and software.


Kodomo Games started in 2007 with a small collection of games and animations. The site was created so that babies and toddlers could enjoy interactive online games by simply pressing any key on the keyboard. Over the years the site gained in popularity, and a new effort was started to improve the quality of the site. Kodomo Games is now the leading site for interactive, educational online children's games, and continues to grow everyday.


Our new site focuses on learning basic vocabulary through interactive, audio visual games, flashcard drills, and quizzes. Our talented staff of software engineers and graphic designers are working hard to develop more games and activities to help children learn. We are also developing a series of mobile applications that will be released on the iPhone and Android in the coming months.


A special thank you to all of our staff members, supporters and visitors!

Looking for the old Kodomo Games website?

All 10 of our original games for babies can now be found under the miscellaneous section.